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Voluum – Best Affiliate Tracking Software

Confused about why your ad campaigns are not getting results? Looking for a good analytics solution for your affiliate blog? Want to optimize your site exactly to your user’s liking?

The answer to all three of these questions is finding a solid data analytics solution to partner with throughout your affiliate marketing journey.

Having access to critical data points related to your advertising campaigns helps you understand the appealing things to your traffic source and even helps you build streams of organic traffic.

Consistently maintaining high conversion rates requires a solid understanding of what made your past affiliate campaigns successful.

It is not enough for your ad tracker to just provide you with that limited functionality in today’s world. Atleast, that is the spirit with which Voluum was created.

Voluum Coupon

The developers did not stop at delivering real-time data but developed one of the most feature-rich tools, which everyone who is designing an affiliate campaign will love.

Find out how you can use their real-time data processing to instantly optimize campaigns according to the reports you receive using their in-house AI and more in our detailed article on Voluum.

What are the benefits of using Voluum?

Voluum Discount

Lightning Fast Redirects:

Having poor redirect speed often results in high-value click loss. Voluum ensures that you do not face that loss with all redirects being kept under 1ms by using an advanced cloud hosting solution.

Manage all campaigns from a single tool:

Voluum can help you track any number of traffic sources. This includes tougher sections like organic and non-redirect friendly groups.

Voluum handles over 25 billion events every month, so you can rest assured that it can handle however large and complicated your audience gets.

Secure data storage:

Voluum stores your data in the same security frameworks international financial corporations use to conduct large-scale transactions. An AWS is assigned to monitor all activity, and all data is encrypted.

Track every single visitor:

There are more than 30 metrics available for you to track every single user who interacts with your content. This means every click made, visit noted, and conversion recorded can be analyzed to see the factors that contributed to causing the particular action.

Clubbing together large sets of these data can help you explore the major driving forces behind the success or failure of different pieces of content. Their optimization software also derives data mostly from these clubbed data points.

Optimize your website for different sets of users:

You can use their rule-based paths to redirect various traffic sources to varying links according to their convenience and preference. Let us understand this with an example:

If it comes to your attention that the members of your audience who are macOS users are having issues with downloads, you can create a different download page for Mac users, which is specially optimized for macOS.

You can also customize landing pages, offers, etc., to suit the preferences of different sets of your audience and redirect them to those pages accordingly.

This traffic distribution kit is something that can quickly multiply any digital marketer(s) revenue.

In-house optimization tools: Built-in split testing software is just the start of their range of in-house tools. The earlier mentioned feature can be used as a recurring automated function.

This means that Voluum can automatically detect particular users’ preferences and optimize your website for those specific users.

Check their full range of optimization tools and AI software on their website.

Anti-Fraud Kit: Automatically detect and eliminate any bot traffic.
Can you get Voluum for free?

There is a demo available entirely for free after you fill up a short form. The trial period is 14 days, and you get access to a preview of the full scale of the platform in that time period.

You do not need to input any credit card or payment details. The general purpose of the demo is to help you decide which plan would work best for your particular needs.

Voluum Pricing Plans

Voluum Pricing Plans

Discover: $89/month ($69/month if billed annually)

Users with basic ad tracking needs should consider subscribing to the Discover plan. They have named the plan Discover because it is essential to help new users understand and “discover” the platform.

You can track up to 40 Active campaigns simultaneously with this subscription. Create a custom and a dedicated domain each and store data for up to three months.

The ad tracking features offered are relatively minimal here. Still, you can easily upgrade your plan (even in the middle of an existing subscription) if you enjoy the Discover plan and want to explore the platform more.

Profit: $149/month ($119/month if billed annually)

This plan is the one that can serve the most number of users. The ability to run unlimited active campaigns and create one dedicated and three custom domains will fulfill the needs of many advanced users. You can store upto six months of ad-tracking data here.

The good thing about this plan is the price difference from the “Discover” plan is not that significant, but the amount of functionality you get here is exponentially higher.

You get full access to Auto Rules, Rule-based paths, Automizer enabled API integrations, and even their in-house developed Traffic Distribution AI for a reasonable price. Profit Plan users also have a dedicated onboarding to the platform.

Grow: $449/month ($349/month if billed annually)

The critical difference between the Profit and the Growth plan is that specific attributes of the Profit plan are extended here to justify the higher cost.

For example, instead of 3 custom domains and six months of data storage in the Profit plan, you get five custom domains and a year of data storage in the Growth plan.

If the ability to add additional users to the workspace, the Anti-Fraud kit, and extensive data reports is essential to you, then the Grow plan is more cost-effective than the “Profit” plan.

You can get an Individual contract made for your custom needs by talking to a Voluum expert directly. You can choose the number of included events if you decide to create an individual contract.

You also get the option to directly Skype, your account manager for any customer support queries.

Provide user access to more users and receive more big data reports as part of the highest chain of customers at Voluum. Users with individual contracts can even recommend features that very often get implemented.

Voluum FAQ

What is Voluum?

Voluum is the number one tracking software for affiliates that help you to boost your affiliate marketing results. It helps you with performance attribution, traffic analysis, and data visualization. With advanced analytical features and built-in optimization tools, Voluum is a sophisticated tracker that’s easy to use.

What can I track in Voluum?

With Voluum, you can track all traffic sources to your site, your competitors, and more. You can track everything: paid, organic, or just overall traffic.

What payment options does Voluum support?

Voluum supports PayPal, Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club International, and JCB.

Do I need to purchase hosting for using Voluum?

No, You do not need to install any software as it is a cloud-based solution. It covers everything from setup to campaign tracking, so you can avoid counting errors or spreadsheet nightmares.

Can I get any working Voluum coupon codes?

Yes, if you are looking for the maximum discount on Voluum, then use the above mentioned Voluum coupon code.


A general question in front of every new blogger, business owner, and everyone in-between is that how worthy an investment software or a service is at that stage.

Any new entrants in their field who are reading this article are probably contemplating a similar question.

A rookie mistake that a lot of people make is not making worthy investments at the beginning. If you think that Voluum is a bit too expensive to buy right now, you will buy it after your revenue grows a little more.

You should also consider that if you purchase Voluum and other premium software directly, you will be able to build more revenue faster than if you wait around for your income to rise so you can buy said software.

A large section of advanced users are already members of the Voluum platform who’re here looking for coupons to get the software at a better price, and if you want to be one of the advanced users soon, you have to make this purchase today.