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Helium 10 – All-In-One Amazon Seller Software

Helium 10 is a software developed for Amazon sellers that contain dozens of tools to spy on their competitors, finding winning products, high ranking keywords, identifying trends, etc., that tremendously increase sales.

With the help of this tool, you can easily scan Amazon’s 450 million product database and dive deeper into the Amazon marketplace. As the name suggests, Helium 10 offers more than 10 tools for Amazon merchants that really help them to make huge profits without making any extra efforts.

Inside Helium 10 you will get various tools like X-Ray, ASIN Grabber, Listing Evaluation, Profitability Calculator, Inventory Levels, Review Insights, Black Box, Magnet, and many more.

Detailed Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 has a series of tools that work in conjunction with each other to further facilitate and automate the process of listing items on Amazon. The basic functions include: automating pricing, inventory management for multiple warehouses, and providing automated repricing rules based on supply and demand.

Together, these tools ensure that you are listing your items on Amazon at the optimal price for conversion rate and profitability. Prices can be updated automatically in real-time to maintain an edge over competitors while also saving time for the seller.

The next tool we will discuss is Listing Insights. A very powerful tool (see image below) that provides sellers with a breakdown of all their listings on Amazon. It gives users access to information around keywords, product quality and even price.

Listing insights is a powerful resource for sellers looking to optimize their product listing or gain an understanding of who the leading competitors are.

Helium 10 Reviews

The next tool we will discuss is Inventory Lab which has two main functions. The first is warehouse management which allows users to combine inventory from various warehouses into one consolidated interface for quick and easy viewing of stock.

Second, it provides an automation tool that enables sellers to create auto repricing rules based on a number of different variables such as current sales rank, price changes in the category and competitor actions.

As mentioned above, another important aspect of Helium 10 is the built-in CRM. This allows users to interact with their customers in a structured manner and also helps manage returns, warranty claims and payments from Amazon more efficiently.

Other tools included within Helium 10 are:

Barcode scanning: This tool imports your product barcodes into the system and then tracks the data around sales across all your listings

Linked Accounts: This tool allows you to add multiple accounts for file storage, shipping carriers, customer and supplier management. It also enables you to import all of your products into Helium 10 via spreadsheets or xls files from various other accounting systems.

Email & SMS integration: Helium 10 allows users to configure automated emails and text message alerts for data updates, payment reminders and more.

Shopify Integration: If you are using a tool like Shopify this will allow you to integrate your inventory into the system in order to take advantage of all of Helium’s listing management tools.

Amazon Seller Central Integration: Helium 10 allows for the import of all product data via Amazon and also provides a dashboard view of sales activity in real-time.

Repricing by search ranking, price change and inventory changes – This feature allows for automatic updating of your product’s prices based on what competitors are doing or even looking at how sales rank is changing within the category.

As mentioned previously, Helium 10 does require a subscription. There are three pricing models ranging from $39 to $499 per month with several different levels of service included in each plan.

Key Features of Helium 10

#1. Magnet – Keyword Research Tool

The Magnet is the most robust and profitable keyword research tool that saves your time finding valuable keywords for your products. Many Amazon FBA sellers use this tool for their product listing.  

#2. Xray- Amazon Product Research

In the Helium 10 Chrome Extension, you can find Xray, the best Amazon product research tool that helps Amazon sellers get a quick eye view of a market. This gives you valuable insights about the Amazon market with the high-opportunity and future growth potential.

#3. Frankenstein – Powerful Amazon Keyword Processor

Helium 10 claims that Frankenstein is the powerful Amazon keyword processor in the plant that helps you list keywords and transform them into a thriving group that you can use in your Amazon listing optimization efforts. This tool also helps you improve your Amazon product tracking and get more traffic to your listing in the A9 search engine.

#4. Index Checker – Identify Profitable Keywords

As we all know, some good keywords may not rank in the search engine because of a few bad keywords. This tool formerly known as Index Checker, allows all the Amazon sellers to figure out which of their backend and frontend search terms are indexed by Amazon or not.

#5. Trendster – Determine Products Trends

This cool tool of Helium 10 enables you to analyze your product sales’ overall trends in the last past year. This helps you to determine in a few seconds whether the products you are considering for sale have steady sales or not over the year around.

#6. Misspellinator – Keyword Misspelling Extractor

When it comes to the product listing, the misspelling is the most underrated ways to generate more sales. This tool enables you to finds misspellings for your keywords that help you start making profits with your mistakes.

#7. Scribbles – Listing Optimization

As we all know, by using optimum keywords, one can boost organic ranking and attract traffic to the product listing. By using Helium 10’s Scribbles, you can optimize your listing with the relevant and profitable backend and frontend keywords.

#8. Black Box – Product Research Tool

Amazon sellers find it challenging to search for profitable keywords that make money. Black Box is the best product hunt tool that saves your precious time as this tool helps you find product opportunities and the most profitable niche.

#9. Cerebro – Reverse ASIN Lookup

Cerebro is actually one of the most important tools in the keyword research process as you simply need to put product ASIN, and you will get useful data within seconds.

Helium 10’s comprehensive features:

Helium 10 is a comprehensive suite of tools for managing and growing a business on Amazon. It allows you to:

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  • Automate and scale your product listings on Amazon
  • Run and cross-reference price lists across Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, and Google Shopping
  • Track product performance over time
  • Negotiate bulk orders with suppliers and manage fulfillment (coming soon)

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 offered very simple and affordable pricing plans that anyone can easily start using Helium 10.

Helium 10 Pricing

The best part of Helium 10 is that it provides a free version that you can use to test all the features, and if satisfied, you can upgrade to the Platinum plan. Helium 10 offers four main plans that are Free, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite.

One can easily start with the Platinum plan for $97 per month by saving 50% OFF in the first month. Diamond plan costs you $197/mo; this plan is for the advanced Amazon sellers looking to scale their business.

Elite is the top tier plan that costs $397/mo, and it is for those Amazon sellers who want inside tips, and tricks to grow their online Amazon business to the next level.

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Helium 10 FAQ

What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is the software which is designed for Amazon sellers. It provides more than 10 tools that accurately estimate product demand, research keywords, and successfully launch the product.

Can I test the Helium 10 tools for free?

The best way to test all the tools of Helium 10 is to sign up for its free plan. Using a month, you will get to know which tool is beneficial for your business or which not.

Is Helium 10 accurate?

Yes, Helium 10 is accurate, and it is an excellent tool for small, medium, and large businesses. This robust product research and business management tool enables the Amazon seller to validate product ideas, find actionable keywords, optimize listings, and many more in a single dashboard.

What is the best Helium 10 coupon?

One can use the BLOGE50 coupon code to get 50% OFF on the first month and BLOGE10 to get a lifetime 10% OFF on every month of Helium 10.


There is no doubt that Helium 10 is a powerful and finest tool for Amazon FBA sellers globally. This amazing tool really helps you identify trends, spy on competitors, find winning products, etc. That will definitely increase your conversion and sales.

Overall, I would say that Helium 10 has much more depth than any other repricing tool in the Amazon Marketplace. There are several tools that may be of interest to different types of sellers as well so I would definitely recommend watching this short video overview.

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