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Ingramer – Best Marketing Toolkit for Instagram

Are you seeing to push more organic followers and likes to your social profile on Instagram? If you seem to grow your Instagram following base on a restricted budget, you’ve reasonably stumbled across an Instagram policy along the lines of following and unfollow, automated liking, and commenting.

It’s not a typical strategy that most experts out there babble about. However, Automation tools like Ingramer can help save time and effort in building your brand. They also decrease costs that you may allot to paid ads to produce a more substantial following.

Despite this, it cannot be easy presuming an automation bot to execute actions on behalf of your account.

Detailed Ingramer Review

Ingramer Coupons

Ingramer charges itself as an Instagram advertising assistance growth. It also claims to give free likes along with its other services. Its primary concept of growth is based on automating your marketing to increase traffic on Instagram, but is that what it takes, or is there something more behind the veil?

We have noticed something wrong about “In gram er” is using “gram” in the title. We explained that above and how that is a breach of Instagram’s copyright which is a legal issue that makes this business a target to the social platform.

Nevertheless, let’s review the features and other parts of Ingramer.

Main Features Of Ingramer

Ingramer provides auto likes. Auto follows/unfollow, comments, personal messages, planned posts, and extra Instagram means. The method is to sign up and add your Instagram account to connect your profile to Ingramer’s assistance, set up your new campaign, then watch your Instagram flow.

Ingramer Review

It commands it’s that simple. Setting your new campaign involving the target audience by setting daily activity limits and enabling various filters. Ingramer is cloud-based to maintain and modify your account settings and see action on any device.

Hashtag Generator

Hashtags can be an effort to find and use suitably. New people do popup up every day and, if you do it in the right way, you can reach the wave of a trending right when it begins.

The Ingramer hashtag generator performs it easier to get the right hashtags to use in all of your forthcoming posts. Just begin with a few seed keywords, and it’ll jump out to give you multiple recommendations.

Apply the ones in front of your content and see as your views and likes rise.

Auto Like

It is one of the most common features of Instagram bots and for a useful purpose. Liking other’s posts, mainly when they have smaller accounts, will give them a notification.

Frequently, they’ll come and review your page out. The key to this strategy is to interact with relevant accounts. Ingramer gives you several options you can use to like hashtags, location, and even usernames.

Auto Follow

Auto-follow is even more productive at getting the attention of people with comparatively small accounts on Instagram. They’ll review their notifications, see who followed them, and possibly view the account. If you’ve got excellent content, then your followers will go up.

Like with the auto-like features, you’re able to target users based on the hashtags, follower count, usernames, location, and more. It will assist you in building a targeted group of members who are engaged in products.

Trending Hashtags

An impressive thing in Ingramer has strengthened to find trending hashtags in your niche. It’s distinct from the hashtag generator because it’s not helping to generate new hashtags.

Instead, it explains to you what other people are practicing for their posts so you can imitate that and reach out to more people.

Smart Unfollow

Instead of the majority unfollowing people after Ingramer has followed them can take a more modern approach by determining the kind of accounts you aspire to unfollow. If they fit the guidelines you set, then Ingramer will unfollow them.

Clear Stats

Whenever you’re preparing anything with a growth intermediary, analytics are amongst the essential features to contemplate.

You’ll need to know what’s accomplishing, what isn’t, and the tweaks that require to be performed to improve your accounts even faster.

You can see the activities conducted on your behalf and stats like followers, likes, etc., that were made.

Add-ons and Integrations

Ingramer is a self-contained tool, so there’s no need to get a connector or integrate it with anything extra than your Instagram account, though it has add-ons.

Instead of bundling everything collectively, Ingramer has separated some fussy features and made them possible and usable add-ons. Pricing differs depending on which one you prefer.

Instagram Post Scheduler

The Instagram post scheduler permits you to plan out your complete upload program as considerably out as you’d wish. You can upload media, add a brief, and even input the area you’d like to attach to the image.

After that, it’s only a matter of catching the schedule, and your feed will continually be populated with your content.

If you’re active on Instagram or handle multiple accounts, it can preserve every month’s hours.

Direct Messages

DMs on Instagram can be amazingly efficient if managed right. Most people don’t handle them correctly and carry out general messages.

Ingramer gives you the facility to send new followers or all of your followers’ information or auto-reply to them. This tool grows powerful when you manage various active accounts. It’ll ensure none of your remarks fall into the clefts.

Ease of Use

Like any other software, first, study the interface, which means Ingramer has a well-designed user interface, providing an experience for a seamless occurrence from the moment you sign up to managing the bot.

If you can manage your way throughout Instagram, you can work around with Ingramer.

Ingramer Pricing Plans (20% OFF Special coupon)

Ingramer doesn’t hold a free trial. Predestinated, you can test them out on a bit of fund. Anything is small associated with what you’ll need to spend toward Instagram ads.

Ingramer Pricing

They also allow for the following modules requested during your order. You can automate one to ten accounts.


  • Basic: Automatically likes, follows, and unfollow.
  • Scheduled Posting: Automatically posts your content for you according to your schedule.
  • Direct Messages: Send bulk DMs to your target audience.
  • Comment Tracker: This feature enables you to keep up with any remarks in your feed.

For the most successful follow and unfollow assortments, prices start at $37 for a couple of weeks and $57 for one month, at a 22% off discount. If you are looking to buy it for a further extended period, it is $144 for three months, at a 35% off discount.

To put everything into the prospect, if you were to pay for Instagram ads, the minimum ad spend is $5 a day, around $150 a month, and $450 for three months.

But with Ingramer’s bot working, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people, as your bot can be communicating with accounts 24/7.

It considers how much value this software brings to the table relative to its cost as a much cheaper alternative to Instagram ads.

Ingramer Pros & Cons


  • The website is HTTPS protected
  • Packages and pricing are evident
  • Validated payment gateways
  • Email contact information readily available


  • Onsite user reviews look fake
  • Claims to have 24/7 customer support, which doesn’t commit
  • It uses Instagram bots
  • It violates Instagram’s terms of service
  • It has no significant FAQ or helps page

As far as account security is concerned, it hits and misses, as many people have complained that Ingramer has made their account banned. Others have done it successfully for long periods.

The truth is that Instagram is splitting down, and the risk to your accounts is growing larger every day, even when not utilizing bots. Regular activity can result in an action block, so if using a bot like this, you’re increasing risk by order of magnitude.

Ingramer coupon Conclusion

Ingramer, like many other Instagram botting companies, performs well what it says. The software is banned from Instagram, so we suggest you never use it on a client’s account or a work account.

Nevertheless, for personal projects, it delivers an excellent performance, must try this software. Build up the first few followers organically and have at least 20 posts in your account before you begin using it.

Get your Ingramer coupon code now to save maximum bucks on #1 Instagram marketing toolkit.