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Vepaar – Easily Assess & Manage Your Business Activities On WhatsApp

Vepaar is a business platform solution that can help you in managing multiple business operations using Whatsapp, the Vepaar can help you in delivering value in terms of Quick Reply, Save Messages & Media, Sales Funnel, Auto Sync Chat, and more. You can use Vepaar for the remarkable features that Whatsapp has to offer such as creating a sales funnel, Tags, customer profiles, ticket management, bulk import & export, chrome extension, and much more.

Vepaar Review Ratings

Vepaar has got quite impressive ratings and reviews mentioned from different reviewing sites, these include:

  • 5 Stars on Capterra
  • 5 Tacos rating on Appsumo
  • 4 Stars on Trustpilot

Vepaar Features

Vepaar offers some excellent features that can help you get along with better management of services, these features include:

  • Sales Funnel: The Sales Funnel is pretty important when it comes to business, having a sales funnel can help you work with better strategy and try and implement what best suits you.
  • Building Customer Profiles: You can use Vepaar for building customer profiles that can help you save essential customer information, which can later be used for other operations. Users can also sync all this data to utilize more than one CRM for all their business and management operations.
  • Ticket Management: You can also use ticket management for all the operations, this basically includes managing everything in one place.
  • Bulk Import/Export: The Vepaar also gives you access to bulk import and export multiple files at the same time. This feature might sound simple, but can be very helpful in managing things at a faster pace.
  • Chrome Extension: Having a chrome extension by your side basically gives you a lot of accessibility and since you have a Vepaar chrome extension by your side, you can work on multiple aspects on the go.
  • Managing Tags: Managing tags are one of the important factors that one has to look forward to, since Vepaar helps in managing tags on the go, you will be able to manage these tags based on multiple parameters, hence making things even better.

Vepaar Pricing Plans

Vepaar offers 4 different pricing plans including the Vepaar free plan, these plans are mentioned below:

  • Vepaar Free Plan: You can use Vepaar free plan to get known to most of the basic features offered by Vepaar. In addition to that, users also get access to contacts management, Sales and activity reports, and ticket management.
  • Vepaar Basic Plan: The Basic Plan costs around $5/month and gives access to some additional features as compared to Vepaar free plan, the features include Auto-Sync chats and personalized quick replies. The Vepaar basic plan also gives access to 15 quick reply templates which were limited to 5 in the free plan.
  • Vepaar Pro Plan: The Vepaar Pro plan costs around $15/month with 20 quick reply templates along with some additional features as compared to the basic plan, these features include Export reports, Vepaar API, and Zapier integration; the Zapier integration can be considered as one of the important features that can give access to multiple other tools and everything.
  • Vepaar Premium Plan: The Vepaar Premium Plan costs around $30/month, along with all the important features being unlimited. The Premium plan gives access to features like Whatsapp broadcaster, agency profile, sales integration, Hubspot integration, and more.

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