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100% Success Review: A Plagiarism Checker and AI Detector is basically a chrome extension that works on multiple segments of content marketing, with the new advancement in AI-generated content like OpenAI’s ChatGPT which works on GPT 3.5 (DaVinci-003) has made a lot of things better for content writers and content generators, whereas the website buyers and others have to go through a lot in terms of content generation and checking, as the content generated by these tools can be plagiarised and not up to the mark as it should be for SEO and in comparison to the original piece of content. Review

Features offered by

Originality offers some excellent features that can be of great value to online publishers, Digital marketers, SEO content writer, webmasters and website buyers, these features basically include:

  • Plagiarism checker on the go: Since Originality is a chrome extension it is a great plagiarism detection tool. Its advanced AI content detector can be used for checking content for plagiarism that can be done in a few easy steps to ensure 100% original content. In addition to all this, what makes Originality’s plagiarism detector an excellent option is its unlimited accessibility to ensure a high-quality content without human intervention. This way originality content detectors can be used to content scan of AI-written content and blog posts as well.
  • Unlimited Access: Where most of the similar tools offer their services and tools in a limited segment, Originality offers some excellent features in terms of team management, website analysis, and scans. Users can scan unlimited websites, and words with a minimal charge of just $0.01 per credit, where 1 credit gives access to scan 100 words on the go.
  • AI-powered content detection: have this excellent feature that makes it a good-to-go option when it comes to AI-powered content generation. It has been tested on several AI-powered content generation techs that can work upon GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-Neo, and GPT-J, with an accuracy of around 94% making this tool an excellent choice to move on with.
  • Full Site Scan: These advanced features can be considered one of the best features that have been rolled out so far, even though the feature is still under the role, the updates are that the feature will be rolled out soon. The full site scan enables one to search for the whole website using the URL.

Price of using Originality

Using is comparatively offers affordable pricing plans in terms of the features that are offered by this powerful tool, where most of them deliver somewhat similar features, using Originality can be a very affordable plan overall. For free trial you don’t need to enter your credit card details.

To avail of the premium version after the trial period you can purchase the subscription. Details about pricing model of :

1 credit costs $0.01 and every single credit can help perform a scan for 100 words, this way you can use the content scanner on both original content as well as performing whole content audits.

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