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Funnel Genie – Ultimate eCommerce COD Platform

For various people, dropshipping is an example of those techie terms like “cryptocurrency” or “Bitcoin.” We see and learn it all the time but may not realize precisely what it involves.

On the cover, dropshipping is one thing that appears a little too much to be sincere. You can market and allocate products to customers without any particular inventory or logistics channels of your own. And people have earned tons of capital making it!

As you might think, in actuality, things are a little more confused than that. But with the right strategy, you can make a tidy profit from dropshipping. Like cryptocurrency, the best opportunity to have prepared with dropshipping was 5-10 years ago.

Now, competition is intense, and victory needs a clear plan of operation and the right mixture of a solid network, software tools, and a little bit of luck.

Funnel Genie’s purpose is to be that one means you need for eCommerce benefit by being an all-in-one dropshipping program. It is created to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need to accomplish your dropshipping ventures.

In addition to the money you make from sales, you’ll also get cash from any leads you to create.

Funnel Genie is the outcome of Giancarlo Barraza, who’s also known as Coach Giani. Coach Giani has delivered millions in eCommerce and dropshipping and even has a strong following of fans worldwide who tune in daily to gather his ideas.

In this Funnel Genie review, we’ll traverse everything you need to understand. We’ll demonstrate to you what it is, how much it takes, its main points, and whether it’s the best note for somebody in the dropshipping industry.

By the time you’re completed reading this, you’ll be able to decide whether Funnel Genie is the right tool for you.

In-Depth Funnel Genie Review

It’s an all-in-one traffic funnel for both eCommerce and dropshipping. It lets all of this without generating a website from scratch.

Imagine if you could build an eCommerce funnel without all the additional work. All you do is choose a product, launch the horn, and start selling it. Doesn’t that seem fantastic? That’s precisely what Funnel Genie prepares for you.

Funnel Genie Review

In the method, Funnel Genie cuts out the significance of having to deal with:

  • Suppliers
  • Websites
  • Product delivery/returns
  • Sourcing quality products
  • Payment gateways

Funnel Genie also will reward you for any customer leads who show interest in your products. In effect, most of the most complex parts of dropshipping are done for you to focus on selling and give the rest to Funnel Genie.

Nevertheless, one of the key characteristics that set Funnel Genie apart is its center on cash-on-delivery (COD) adjustments. In this approach, customers pay for goods upon their delivery somewhat upfront with a credit card.

In our online shopping world, this may look counter intuitive since you can immediately authorize assessments in advance. But Funnel Genie’s philosophy is this business is over saturated and full of associated troubles like charge backs, high CPM, and payment holds.

To guarantee the security of transactions, all shipping goes through Funnel Genie’s messenger network, maintaining the COD returns.

Funnel Genie insists you can get your funds in a week while unfastening opportunities in the US and different countries with the COD framework.

Funnel Genie Features

Funnel Genie Features

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Product research
  • Web app
  • Scalable for traffic variations
  • Funnel templates
  • Merchant assimilation
  • Abandoned cart improvement
  • Email operations
  • Order metrics
  • Funnel guidance
  • Mobile app

Funnel Genie Pricing | Enjoy Funnel Genie Discount Coupon

Funnel Genie has a few program choices. The primary one is $97.97/month with a money-back guarantee. It includes:

  • Customizable landing page
  • One-click upsells
  • Sales page
  • Drag and drop template compiler
  • Targeting and demographics
  • Triggered customer emails
  • Order metrics
  • Funnel guidance

Funnel Genie Pricing

As you notified, while operating your free trial, you noticed they also attempt to upsell you to a $297.97 method per month.

This plan adds a few more characteristics but essentially involves the capability to drop ship to the Middle East.

Although this may look like a step additional, it provides access into a field where many dropshippers can’t sell because of the price, essentially giving you a broader pool of customers.

Which system is best for you, and that depends a lot on the products you plan to market and your sources. But it’s a great idea to utilize the Facebook Group and see the benefit of other dropshippers before signing up for the more expensive plan.

What can You do with Funnel Genie?

The entire point of Funnel Genie is to be the one-stop-shop for everything you need to dropship like a pro. Here’s what you’ll do with it:

Search Products:

With this characteristic, you can examine the types of products you require to market. Funnel Genie has 12 main product divisions from Beauty and Cosmetics, Toys, Tools, and more.

This is an exceptional place to get your toes wet and see what’s marketing in different areas along with the ordinary gains made on them.
You can then hit the heart button to save any product you like to use for your funnel later.

Hot Products:

As the name implies, Hot Products are those that are selling well right now. This is another excellent avenue for investigation.

After choosing a product, you can then examine more additional info about it, including its suggested selling price, demographics, and template design you can work for your page.

If you like the stock, you can sell it to Shopify or build a funnel in just a few seconds.


Savvy brand businesses will love this segment. This a variety of all the products you can connect your branding to. It traverses across all the sections giving you tonnes of adaptability.

Again, you get key analytics like stock strength, normal profit, and other important information to place you on the right course for success.

Funnel Geni:

These goods tools are great, but isn’t the entire point of this app to generate funnels? After you’ve done your analysis, you can start creating your funnels with Funnel Genie.

Funnel Genie does nearly everything for you. They’ll treat the page, and they provide you templates. All you want to do is fill in the spaces.

The editor is straightforward to use so that you can install up a page in a few seconds. After hit Save & Publish, your site should be live in a few hours.


One of the most significant troubles that people possess with dropshipping is receiving their payouts. It can sometimes still be months before a deal is finally approved.

Funnel Genie makes one dashboard where you can trace sales, customers, amount status, and payout.

To get funded, you require to enter your TransferWise details or set up an account. If you’re unknown with TransferWise, it’s a cash transfer assistance that works in 30+ countries and usually has lower fees than PayPal.


Funnel Genie is all about allowing the experience of Coach Giani to you. While this may seem a little unbelievable at first, it’s much essential. There is a purpose why he has reached millions.

The site is gathered with different methods to make the most maximum out of your account, from enlightening to using the devices to create Facebook ads.

Who is Funnel Genie for?

If you see to crack the code on dropshipping, Funnel Genie is an excellent spot to begin. Even if you’re not sure regarding it as a long-term resolution, it’s a perfect place to get an intro to the world and discover how it operates.
Dropshipping can feel like a scam at points, but it is a real profession. You get what you set into it.

Funnel Genie Discount

Funnel Genie isn’t a fascinating ticket, but it gives the whole method a lot more comfortable. With it, you don’t even require your website or Shopify store to get lighted, which makes an incursion into dropshipping much more affordable for the average person.

Retailers with their stocks will want to look abroad. Funnel Genie only highlights goods vetted for its platform. Likewise, more sophisticated drop shippers may need product versatility and the center on cash on offering too short for their requirements.

Overall, if you need to start dropshipping with minimum investment, Funnel Genie is an excellent site to start. But those with extra exceptional needs may need to look outside.

Is Funnel Genie worth it?

Dropshipping is more competitive than ever. It’s not the get-rich-quick scheme it seems like at first sight. Getting associated with it is a lot of practice and can be a somewhat substantial purchase.

Funnel Genie Pricing

Funnel Genie clarifies everything for you. They curate the outcomes, host your web pages, or promote content to Shopify for you, track analytics, and more. And you also get introduced to a tremendous number of onboarding information and association support.

That all looks like a sweet good deal starting at $97.97 a month, especially if you consider creating a web page by itself takes $10-20 per month. Funnel Genie has no contract, suggesting you cancel your agreement anytime if it isn’t running for you.

You have zero to lose by providing the free trial a shot and understanding if Funnel Genie is proper for you.

Pros & Cons


  • No need to invest in inventory; Logistics are taken care of for you
  • Potential to reach untapped markets
  • Payouts released weekly
  • Mobile app
  • No need for Shopify or a particular website
  • 24×7 support
  • Facebook Pixel and Google integration
  • Easy to use
  • Easy product research
  • Templates


  • Cash on delivery only
  • Can only trade from their merchandise list
  • Some stocks are outdated
  • The site commands like mandatory FB group signup can be a small, unusual

Funnel Genie FAQ

✅What is Funnel Genie?

Funnel Genie is the powerful eCommerce Cash On Delivery platform that offers everything you need to start selling products. As compared to the other funnel builder, Funnel Genie offers highly converting and ready-to-use funnel templates.

✅Does Funnel Genie offer a free trial?

Yes, you can start Funnel Genie’s 7 days free trial that helps you to reviews all its features for free. Check the above-mentioned Funnel Genie coupons that help you to enjoy massive discounts.

✅How does the COD (Cash On Delivery) of Funnel Genie works?

You just need to sell your products online and, your customers will make payment at the time of delivery of that particular product.

✅Are there any active Funnel Genie coupons and discounts?

Above, we have listed three 100% verified Funnel Genie coupon codes that you can use according to your need.


Funnel Genie is an excellent introduction to the world of dropshipping. It gives everything you require to build a sales funnel and start making cash from it instantly.

As a start to finish dropshipping platform, you won’t find many comprehensive and easy-to-use options. If you’re concerned about the dropshipping world, you may like to get involved in Funnel Genie.

Funnel Genie is an all-in-one sale funnel for eCommerce and dropshipping. Their goal is to enable you to build an eCommerce funnel without holding to establish a website from the ground up.