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Do you want to create original content faster? Do you want to furnish your ad spaces with attractive copy automatically? is an automated copywriting tool based on the Generative Pre Trained Transformer Artificial Intelligence model to help users generate original material for their campaigns exponentially.

It offers its services to users looking to create top-notch content for blogs, websites, product campaigns, and everything in between.

Several tools have been created to fulfill similar purposes with the same GPT-3 API in the recent past. What makes stand out is its ability to offer the same services that expensive services like Jarvis and Copysmith offer at much cheaper rates. Coupon even offers a 7-day free trial without asking for your credit card details displaying their commitment to serving users from multiple ends of the consumer spectrum.

Writing content will always be a task riddled with a myriad of inconsistencies. Still, such tools can provide an edge to users to increase their conversions and maximize the gains of their marketing campaigns.

Who should all take advantage of can be beneficial to anyone, from a blogger to an entrepreneur. The time and money invested in creating content yourself or going through the travails of hiring a content writer are made away with instantly once you start using

Content marketers, ad agencies, copywriters, affiliate marketers, and even social media creators can take advantage of this software to instantly generate effective content according to their needs.

Key Services Offered by Discount

#1. Create blog posts:

With this software, you can easily generate an entire article for your website after feeding in a sufficient amount of data to understand your needs and provide you with high-grade content in a near-instant.

You can also separately generate Blog Titles, Outlines, Introductory Paragraphs, Bullet Points to your desired article. The dedicated Website content feature has specific options to help you isolate your Hero Text and sub-headers.

The Meta Descriptions feature allows you to amp up the efficiency of content creation on your website.

#2. Product descriptions:

The way you describe your product in the listing is directly linked to your volume of sales, and a good product description will go a long way in helping your product rank up in search directories of e-commerce sites. has specific databases created with the express purpose of helping your product rank higher if you use it while creating your product listing.

With some data on your target consumer’s preferences, you can easily generate the exact kind of product description to generate maximum revenue.

You can also use this tool to create content on your product’s characteristics and even write microcopy.

#3. Optimize content acc. to SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to a series of tools and strategies one can use to make their content rank up higher on search engines.

There exist a multitude of strategies to achieve this, and all of these have been encapsulated in so it can help you produce content that will pop to your audience and keep them interested in your posting, as with the auto-generated content creation you can create and post more and higher quality content.

#4. PPC Ad creation:

Pay Per Click Marketers are tasked with creating ads that generate traffic and gain consumers’ attention through their campaigns.

This is a taxing process that is made easier by, with which you can instantly make unique and catchy ads. The software is pre-set with data on the optimal strategy for Facebook, Google, and Linkedin ads.

#5. Social Media Content:

There are hundreds of available templates to create attractive posts for your Instagram, as well as enough data to provide you with the right captions for all your posts.

You can use it to spark your own creative process while writing content for social media, as it can easily provide you with all your writing prompts and even do the writing part for you.

#6. Sales Copy:

While writing content for sales, one has to be very precise and impactful to generate any sales on the part of the consumers.

This is always a challenging task, and hiring dedicated copywriters for this role often doesn’t translate into sales.

This tool can provide you with sales copy with dedicated options for the popular templates in sales copywriting (Pain-Agitate-Solution<PAS>, Attention-Interest-Desire-Action <AIDA>, Before-After-Bridge<BAB>) and even provide you with newer ideas to write sales copy on for specific products.

#7. Chrome Extension: is the only automated copywriting tool that provides a chrome extension, and in our experience, we found this to be extremely helpful.

Can I get for free?

Copy.Ai is the only service you can access for free without providing any credit card details for a free trial. Even some essential features can be accessed infinitely after signing up. Pricing Plans

You can purchase a Solo package (for small businesses) at $35 per month or $420 per year for full access to features. They also offer custom-made plans for larger businesses at affordable prices to suit the needs of bigger teams. Free Trial FAQ

What is is an AI platform that generates marketing copy for you. It helps with the process of generating blog posts, emails, social media posts, and more. All in a fraction of the time it would take you to do this manually. This content creation tool helps marketers create a better, fresh, and unique copy.

Why should you use is a website that allows people to write content without ever having to worry about formatting, design, or other tasks. Its almost like hiring your own team of writers. Its accessible anywhere, anytime, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Click here to try

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, offers 7 days free trial to all its users to test all its services for free. But the free trial of is available with limited features, and one needs to upgrade to its paid plan to take advantage of all its features.

How much does cost?

Currently, offers three major pricing plans that are FREE, Solo, Custom. The FREE plan of allows anyone to create a free account on and test this amazing AI copywriting tool. The Solo plan will cost you $35/month. You need to contact to sales team for purchasing a Custom plan as it is suitable for larger teams.

Can I get any working coupon code?

Yes, if you are looking for the verified discount coupon code that helps you to save some money, then use the above-mentioned coupon code.

How much can I save with the coupon code?

By using our special coupon code, one can save upto 50% off on all its pricing plans.


There are a lot of tools in the market for automated copywriting. A large majority of them are costly.

ShortyAi and WriteSonic have not invested in creating a user-friendly interface, making them harder to access and use regularly. provides excellent value for money while maintaining the same level of content as others like Shorty and WriteSonic.

The user interface is very accessible even to a technical novice, and they have made great efforts to maintain an active Facebook community for any doubts.

Automated content creation is the future, and is perfectly positioned to lead the masses into it.