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1Password – Best Password Manager Solution

Looking for a safe, efficient password manager? Scared if your data is secure with a password manager? Not satisfied with your current password manager’s range of features?

In today’s world, we are surrounded by the different services we use to make our life easier. The hard part about these services is that we have to protect all of them with different passwords.

Our work emails are separate from our emails, and our credit card’s pin is different from our debit card. The need for a secure way to store this data led to the creation of so many password managers that we see today.

In essence, a password manager is software that allows you to store all your passwords under a secure folder unlocked by a single master password.

1Password is one of the top-rated password managers in today’s date, and today, we will be going over the factors that propelled 1Password to the heights it has reached today.

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Compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS, the flexibility this tool offers, along with first-rate security features, make it one of the most intuitive password managers today.

Let us go over some of the best features of this fantastic tool

Top Features of 1Password

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Notifies you of passwords that are highly vulnerable to security breaches and the factors behind those weak passwords. It also helps you build a strong password for the ones who are vulnerable.

Customizable Vault:

A common flaw in many password managers is that your passwords are in a single list. It becomes difficult to locate passwords quickly, which defeats the purpose of buying a password manager in the first place.

The password vault in 1Password can be customized, and you can store different passwords in different sections of the vault and sort them into Personal, Work, Finance, etc.

Travel Mode:

1Password is the only tool that allows you to hide some crucial passwords when you’re traveling abroad.

Clipboard Security:

1Password gives you the option to clear your clipboard after a certain amount of time has passed. Your clipboard is an easy target for hackers because you copy your passwords to your clipboard to input them.

These passwords remain in your clipboard even after you paste them. This is how so many people were losing passwords despite maintaining complete secrecy about it.

The founders of 1Password noticed this and created this feature to ensure you have a secure online experience.

Every 1Password subscriber’s clipboard will get wiped of all password data after a certain amount of time. Even if the passwords are stolen before they are removed, you can get the details of what data was lost and act accordingly.

1Password X:

Created after studying the flaws of other password managers who offer browser extensions, 1Password X can safely be called one of the best browser extensions for password managers out there.

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave, the extension is built with ease of use is the priority. Auto-filling and auto-saving logins have never been easier, but it should be noted that to add or edit data, you will be redirected to the entire web app.

A bookmark feature would have been helpful, but they make up for it by adding keyboard shortcut functionality and a drop-down menu from where you can directly log in to all your accounts.

All necessary precautions are taken to ensure that using the browser extension is just as secure as using the app.

Privacy Cards:

(only available to Visa and Mastercard debit cardholders in the US) 1Password users can input their bank card info to create virtual payment cards which hide their card information while making an online purchase.

This is made possible by their collaboration with third-party app Privacy.
Essentially privacy cards input randomized card info instead of your actual bank details so that the vendor himself or if the vendor is ever involved in a data breach does not have access to your card info.

You can set spending limits to ensure that no vendor misuses even your Privacy card.

To see the complete list of features, click on any 1Password Coupon on your screen and see some features we didn’t include here, like two-factor authentication.

Can you get 1Password for free?

1Password offers a risk-free 14-day free trial to users. The free trial can be for any plan except the Enterprise plan.

1Password Free Trial

No free version of the app is available but compared to most password managers, 1Password is relatively affordable. Use our coupon codes to access 1Password at even cheaper rates.

1Password Pricing

All plans include secure password storage, travel mode, and at least 1GB of encrypted storage. You can use 1Password on as many devices as you want with all plans.

1Password Free Trial

Personal plan: $2.99/month

Ideal for individual users who want to store their passwords safely. Support for all mobile and desktop OS.

There is two-factor authentication, password recovery (up to 365 days), travel mode, and 1 GB of encrypted storage. Includes all special features mentioned above

Family Plan: $4.99/month

The same amount of functionality as the Personal plan but with coverage up to 5 or more users (5 users can use the service with the base Family plan.

If you want more users to be added to the same plan, pay a small fee per extra user). Shared vaults, advanced permission controls, and account recovery features are added to optimize Family Plan users’ experience. Up to 5 temporary guest accounts.

Business plan: $7.99/month

The features from the family and personal plan with the addition of administrative controls and unlimited shared vaults. It also includes unlimited password storage and unlimited encrypted storage.

Team Plan: $19.95/month

The Business plan but with the ability to secure passwords of 10 users instead of 5.

You can contact them to set up a custom plan if you want, as they offer customized Enterprize plans at special rates. Use any 1Password coupon available here to get the best deal on your password manager subscription.

1Password FAQ

What is 1Password?

1Password has been the leading password manager to help you reduce security risks and save time. With 1Password, you will get access to all your passwords across all your devices with confidence, knowing your information is safe with 256-bit encryption and password vaults for each site.

Can I try 1Password for free?

Yes, 1Password offers 14 days free trial to all its users, which helps you test this leading password manager solution.

Is 1Password safe?

1Password is a safe place to store your passwords and other sensitive information, and it uses cutting-edge encryption. It’s the safest password manager out there, and it works on all your devices so you can stay secure wherever you are.

Can I get any working 1Password discount coupon codes?

Use the above-mentioned 1Password coupon code that allows you to get the maximum discount on all its pricing plans.


1Password is one of the most cost-effective password managers out there simply for the fact that it is equally appealing to both basic and advanced users.

It is user-friendly enough to ensure that basic users can keep their passwords secure and offers enough advanced extra features to cater to those who need more than just password security.

Access this premium tool using our 1Password Coupons and secure your data at never-before prices.