{updated 2018} Cloudways 20% OFF Coupon: Highest Saving on Cloud VPS Hosting

{updated 2018} Cloudways 20% OFF Coupon: Highest Saving on Cloud VPS Hosting
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Hello Bloggers & Internet Marketers,

Are you looking for Exclusive Cloudways coupon code for saving money on Managed Cloud VPS hosting platform? If yes then just use this maximum saving Cloudways promo to save flat 20% on each month’s invoices for three months.

Cloudways is currently not running any special offer on their website but using special discounts from their partners can help yous ave bucks on your WordPress blog or website hosting bills. Lets see how to save money and use this deal.

Cloudways 20% OFF Promo code Updated 2018

Cloudways Coupon code

Cloudways needs no introduction as it is the only company offering Managed Cloud platform to host your websites and apps with 100% Free migrations, Free Trial and round the clock extensive support for every issue with your server.

One can deploy or create a cloud server in 5 minutes on cloudways with complete managed infrastructure and panel like you may install WordPress or any APP instantly via their portal and point a domain immediately. They also offer Free SSL certificate installation on your website with a click.

Cloudways Managed platform

Cloudways Is #1 Manged Cloud Hosting platform for Entrepreneurs & Affiliate marketers

20% off

{updated 2018} Cloudways 20% OFF Coupon: Highest Saving on Cloud VPS Hosting
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Cloudways for Managed VPS Hosting. Should you use?

When it comes to choosing best VPS hosting for your blog or website, then it is always s confusing task or a newbie or even for professionals. As almost all companies market their products beyond limits and hence one can be trapped.

Choosing VPS hosting is not as easy as selecting any shared hosting plan where you get a Free cPanel to start from. VPS Hosting means “Deploying a virtual server” which has a unique IP Address and total control. Almost all web hosting companies offer VPS plans, but they are costly as compared to some VPS expertise brands.


Affordable and authentic VPS plans can be purchased from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud engine, Amazon web services, Linode, etc. but these all providers only offer unmanaged VPS servers with root and console access,

Hence if you want a setup your website on these, you will need to have a developer aside you as it required manual configuring of your Operating system on your Server, Your preferred application and dozens of tweaks like pointing domain name, SSL, etc

Even after this all if you face any technical issue with your application you won’t get free support from these providers as they offer UN-Managed services.

And here comes Cloudways into picture..

Cloudways is not a hosting provider as they does not have their own servers, But cloudways is a managed platform to host your websites, eCommerce Apps, WordPress sites, etc on your favorite cloud provider like DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc with managed support, managed services, Access to file manger from their GUI, Database, PHPMyAdmin Access and dozens of Managed tools like you get on cPanel with them. They also offer Automatic backups, Addons, Tools to collaborate with team and Free SSL by letsencrypt    for your website.

Update - 2018You can start with cloudways free for 14 days with instant VPS server deployment and host your Website with them to check their blazing fast speed.

So in short, if you wanna make your website load 200% faster using advanced cloudways optimization and blazing fast servers from top Cloud VPS providers in the world.

Why I personally Love Cloudways for all my Websites:

This website affcoupon.com is hosted on Cloudways, and if one has to see most of the Top Affiliate marketers, bloggers and e-commerce companies have upgraded to cloudways from their traditional hosting companies, The benefits are unlimited along with 24/7 support and cost-effective pricing.

Hence instead of falling in other cheap VPS hosting traps, it is better to start with renowned cloudways managed platform which is loved by Bloggers and Internet marketers, When it comes to my case, I have tried almost all VPS Hosting companies and even unmanaged VPS providers like DigitalOcean and Vultr.

If you search over the internet, Managed VPS hosting costs from $25-$30 monthly for low level VPS configuration as the cPanel or Plesk licence cost around $15 a month and support pricing costs extra

Or if you choose Unmanaged VPS providers like vultr, Linode or DigitalOcean, It starts from $5 per month but comes with ZERO support, No cPanel or Admin Dashboard from where you can control your files or SSL.
Hence Cloudways is preferred by myself for my all websites as it lets you host your site efficiently with 100% Managed environment.

The choice is yours….

The Different between cloudways and other Cloud hosting Provider?

most of the people consider cloudways as a cloud hosting provider but it is not… It is more than thta. Traditioalnm cloud hsoting providers offers Cloud VPS hosting with comman configuration and basic level of support with higher rates,.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting property for online businesses and enterprises. It is made for scale so you can quickly scale your server if your traffic or uses increase without losing anything.

Cloudways offers support, managed platform, it lets you choose your cloud, selecting your app for instant deployment. You have full control on your cloud with one click management.

For example if you wanna host two WordPress blogs on a cloud VPS server then it would definitely cost $15-$20 on any Managed cloud platform with a suitable configuration, However on Cloudways you can use DigitalOcean server and get start in just $10 per month and install multiple WordPress application with free management, Free SSL certificate and much more.

Cloudways features at a glace:

  • Quick one click cloud server deployment
  • Everything in one click, Setup your WordPress website in a click
  • Integrated tools like DB managers , GIT support, etc
  • Free SSL certificates on all plans
  • Free website migration
  • 100% human based support round the clock
  • Full control on your cloud server with advance level of settings and configurations
  • Trusted by top companies & Web Entrepreneurs.

Lets be on cloud with Cloudways

Finally, let’s conclude the small Cloudways 20% OFF coupon code + Review. Set your website today with Cloudways and noticed the difference in your web page loading speed. Also, you will be saving huge bucks because cloudways pricing is much cheaper than other in the industry and also this exclusive Cloudways promo code will be icing on the cake.


9.5 Total Score
Awesomely Awesome

Cloudways is simply Awesome Managed cloud platform to easily host any type of website or app without any technical configurations. Just Select your cloud provider and instantly deploy app in minutes. They offer in-depth support and advance features which other providers lack.

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